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Friday, October 21, 2011

Death of a Strongman

I am not a fan of Gadhafi. All I know is that he was one of the world’s “insane” dictators, as portrayed by, well, almost everybody, what with his all- female virgin bodyguards and outlandish lifestyle and wardrobe. Not to mention the fact that he coddled terrorists.

But the way he was killed is soul-shakingly, disturbingly savage . That scene reminds one of wild animals feasting on a prey. 
But the animals are killing for food, because they had to eat
What's these people’s excuse?

The man was already helpless, wounded, bleeding, and being dragged on the ground.
And they fell on him, like in that Shirley Jackson story.

You can read more about his killing here.
Granted, the man did worse things to his subjects;  he certainly inspired such a monumental outrage and hatred on his fellow Libyans.
But still
Viewing that video leaves me shaken up.
People are scary enough as they are; put them in a mob, and they become the stuff of nightmares.
We are all just a few steps away from obeying that primitive, savage reptile at the back of our brains.
That's what really troubles me most.

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