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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings are valued today at hundreds of millions of dollars. One of the world’s greatest painters, he is also one of the most influential figures in Post-Impressionism art.
Ironic, because nobody wanted his paintings when he was alive. 
He was a “weirdo” and nobody really understood him. Except for the few friends he had with other struggling, unsuccessful painters, one of whom he quarreled with, a quarrel that resulted in Van Gogh cutting off his ear with a razor. 
He also suffered from delusions and had psychotic breaks. He seldom ate and drank heavily. He was one of those tortured souls who had so much to give but was largely ignored. His genius and artistry nobody really got while he was alive. He was an idealist, a sensitive soul who had too much empathy.
Imagine somebody like that living today. 
At age 37, Vincent Van Gogh - struggling with depression, mental illness, and thinking that he was a failure - killed himself. 
You know, maybe Don McLean was right, maybe this world was never really meant for one as beautiful as Van Gogh's soul.
And speaking of Don Mclean…

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