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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Of Twelve-Year-Olds and Jumping Sharks

Watched the season 2 finale of “Modern Family” last night.
It’s Jay’s birthday (the patriarch), and he is looking forward to a quiet day spent fishing on the lake. His family, however, plans a party for him, and his birthday wish doesn’t happen, so he spends most of the episode sulking and grumbling about his ruined plans. At the dinner table however, realizing that his family had put an effort to give him a memorable birthday party, he declared, “You know what, I’d been acting like a jerk. What am I, twelve years old?”
Whereupon Luke, his twelve-year-old grandson, interrupts him with “Hey!”
For some reason this strikes me as very funny.
Yes, there are other funny scenes in that episode, but I seem to have fixated on this one.
I kept repeating that scene in my mind during my commute to the office.  
Love that show. 
Also, Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen are in the show, so how can it lose?

It’s September, so the season 3 premiere is scheduled for later this month; also the season premiere of “The Big Bang Theory.” 
Which reminds me.
I really don’t like the idea Penny and Raj hooking up. It’s like Joey and Rachel hooking up, which the writers of “Friends” mercifully didn’t pursue.
I like Leonard and Penny, so I guess that makes me on… Team Leo-ny? Or Team Pen-nard?
I hope “The Big Bang Theory” didn’t jump the shark, though.

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