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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

God at the Emmys

So Modern Family won big at the Emmys, including Best Comedy Series. Also Jim Parsons, who played Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, won as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.
Both shows are my favorite, although I’m leaning more towards the "three geniuses and their friend Howard.” 

Good for them, winning all those Emmys.
I didn’t get to finish watching the Emmys, though. But I noticed that among those I saw receiving awards, I didn’t hear one thanking God (or Jesus, or Mama Mary or even the baby Jesus).
Maybe they realized that God doesn’t really have a favorite actor, or a favorite TV show, and that He probably, probably, doesn’t even watch TV.
An interesting image, that: God (a bearded old guy in white robes; or maybe someone who looks like Morgan Freeman) kicking off his sandals, lying back in his heavenly Lazyboy facing the TV, a beer in hand, remote control in the other, going “I wonder what’s on tonight…” and clicking.

Some, however, would have us believe that He watches sports. Remember that guy (a basketball player), who claimed that God was guiding his hand when he made the game-winning shot? And that player wasn’t even playing in the NBA. I mean if you were God, and have all these choices literally at the snap of your fingers (or just by thinking it), and with billions of people asking you for something, would you  watch a tenth-rate basketball league?
Maybe He does works in mysterious ways; and even His taste in sports is also unfathomable.
That is, assuming He’s a sports fan. Or watches TV, and that is assuming a whole f*****g lot.
It also raises the question: if He indeed is out there, why would He watch TV? You"d think he'd rather work towards world peace, or maybe He'd try fixing the economy, don't you. Or do something about world hunger. Any of these things should have priority, right?
Well, given the condition of the world today, maybe God does spends a lot of time watching TV.
Or basketball games. Or boxing matches.
What would Jesus watch?

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