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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dead At 27

Amy Winehouse was found dead at her London home yesterday. Cause of death was not immediately known. She was only 27.

Media described her as "troubled," what with her drugs and alcohol induced problems hounding her throughout her short musical career.
Such a waste, she was a truly talented singer/songwriter; she had the potential to be even greater.
And now she joins rock music's "27 Club."
Robert Johnson (the legendary bluesman of "Crossroads" fame who reportedly sold his soul to the devil), Brian Jones (the Rolling Stones guitarist), Jimi Hendrix (rock guitarist who set the standard for later generations of rock guitarists), Janis Joplin (bluesy rock vocalist), Jim Morrison, (lead singer of The Doors), and of course Kurt Cobain, the Nirvana front man--these artists are the more famous members of that infamous club.
I'm sure she did not set out on her career aspiring to be a member of this club, but she sure did try her best to join when success comes rolling around.
She was diagnosed with emphysema some time ago, which did not surprise those close to her. With all those gunk she had inhaled and snorted, it was inevitable that her lungs would be messed up.
I saw her rousing live performance on the 2008 Grammy performance (where she won five Grammys), a performance where a lot of people expected Amy to somehow mess up; there had been lots of times where she showed up in her concerts too drunk to even walk.
But that night, Amy Winehouse showed the world why she deserved to win. Many people really thought that Amy Winehouse would be cleaning up her act after that; but it was not to be.
Fame is a bitch, and success kills.

Well at least I'm safe from either.

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