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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Angst of Choosing A Good Point and Shoot

I didn’t know it was this hard to look for a point and shoot camera.  It’s been three days since I first decided that I couldn’t do without it, and now I’m stuck; there are so many models to choose from, I am beginning to think that somebody could start a reality show based on the whole thing. 
 Soon as I decided that I finally made my choice, there’s this annoying little voice inside my head that says, “Wait. Are YOU sure the Canon A3000 is what you need? Check out first this Panasonic Lumix, they’re in the same price range, and it has Leica lens! Or what about the Pentax Optio…and you’re forgetting the Nikon Coolpix series!”  and so on.

Thing is, I only want a camera because I want to take better pictures of my dogs, and maybe a few other things. I don’t intend to take “art” pictures with it (what a ridiculous thought) and I don't need a pricier point and shoot.
 So I probably need just the most basic point and shoot, just a step higher from my crappy phone camera (that reminds me; my phone finally conked out).
At least that was the plan, before I Googled (this is helpful, btw) and got bombarded with megapixels, image stabilization, ISO, purple fringing, optical and digital zoom, and somehow I no longer need just a basic point and shoot; I wanted something higher, faster, and prettier! Before I knew it, I succeeded in introducing into my life a whole new field to bitch about.  
 It’s uncanny how in these modern times a man easily finds something to be frustrated about. Especially the ones you can't afford.
It occurred to me that there are a slew of yet undiscovered disappointments out there; they are virtually at the tip of one’s fingers, just waiting for the unwary!  What a scary thought.
I guess Buddha and other wise men were right after all.
And I still don’t know yet which camera to get.
Or maybe I should get a new phone instead.

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