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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In the Mood for Bonnie Raitt

I have always loved Bonnie Raitt. I first saw her on the concert movie “No Nukes,” which was one of the first movies I saw as a kid. I was still in shorts at that time. I saw her perform “Angel from Montgomery” and man I was lost.
I wanted badly to have the album of the concert, so I saved up on my allowance, and I think it took me about a week to finally come up with enough to buy me a cassette tape of that concert. Well, it turned out “No Nukes” was on two volumes (this was before the DVD era), so I still came up short. Finally I got enough money and a happier kid in Sampaloc, Manila you couldn’t find.
Then high school and college and other things came along and I sort of forgot about Bonnie. Well, not entirely.
Anyway, a month ago I got a John Lee Hooker album (another boyhood favorite; yes, I was already a strange banana even as a kid, surprise) and I was listening and there was John Lee Hooker jamming with Bonnie Raitt.  They were doing “I'm in the Mood,” and holy crap, I thought I died and gone to blues heaven.
Afterwards, I did what any man would do in this situation: search for it on YouTube. Found and watched it, then clicked on Bonne Raitt’s version of “Love Me Like a Man,” which I liked so much I posted it on Facebook. I also searched for “Angel from Montgomery.”

And so that was the day I spent a whole afternoon listening to ten (or so) different versions of “Angel from Montgomery,” including Kristen Stewart’s from the movie “Into the Wild,” which isn't bad.
Ain’t the Internet great.  

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